21 oktober 2009

Pre-conference DISH2009

Eerder schreef ik al over DISH2009, vandaag werd ik gevraagd ook nog wat info op deze blog te plaatsen over de pre-conference. Geen probleem! Here goes:

On the 8th of December there will be a DISH2009 pre-conference day organised by several leading heritage institutions in The Netherlands and Belgium. At the pre conference, it’s possible to get a look behind the scenes at various institutions, with a small group of people.

Learn more about the digital collaboration among 15 maritime museums; discuss the digital projects of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam; join a workshop on innovation for audiovisual archives; hear Matt Adams talk about e-culture; visit some outstanding institutions in the Antwerp network; get an overview of what Europeana is all about; and is it really true: No game, no fame?

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