6 mei 2008

How on Virtual Earth can Wikis help Archivists?

Wikis are among the most well-known applications in the universe of Web 2.0, but especially archivists have been quite shy in both using and initiating them.

However lately some archives have started experimenting with wikis, and also individual archivists or teams of archivists have started using wikis more and more often. For their own use, and to the advantage of their patrons: collaborating in knowledge bases, sharing collections, asking for the Wisdom of the Crowds even!

On Sunday May 25, 1pm-2.30pm SLT (9pm-10.30pm GMT) the Archivists of Second Life will discuss the world of wikis for their own use, and their benefit for the general public, interested in archives and special collections.

Three archivists will present on new wiki projects, sharing with you their thoughts and experiences:

* Abby Nemmeth: Lone Arranger Wiki
* Archivist Llewellyn: Archivopedia, the archives wiki encyclopedia
* Elias Etchegaray: ArchiefWiki

What are the wikis about, and why are they setup? What problems were encountered during setup, and in what way will users be able to benefit from the wikis?

These and many more questions will be presented, and discussed. The presentations take place at the Open Air Auditorium at Cybrary City.

Everyone with an interest in archives, special collections, wikis, and online collaboration between information professionals and patrons is very welcome to join us for this meeting!

If you have any questions, or if you'd like some more information, please contact Christi Janus for details.

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